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The city of London is endowed with so many religious, social, sporting and musical events.  At Dial a Executive Car services, we have a comprehensive list of all the wonderful events taking place at various parts of London as well as all the major Great British Events. Whichever event you wish to attend, our friendly chauffeurs will make sure that you are comfortable, at ease and that every whim of yours is fully catered for.

Sporting Events: Indeed, sport remains one of the most popular events not only in London, but across the whole of Great Britain. At Dial a Executive Car services, we’re very much determined to make you enjoy these fantastical sporting events. Consequently, we have various sporting chauffeuring services including Football Chauffer, Horse Racing Chauffer, Motorsport Chauffer and Tennis Chauffer. Our Sport Chauffer services enable us to chauffer our valuable customers to major sporting arena such as the Wembley Stadium, Royal Ascot, Silverstone and Wimbledon for Football matches, Horse racing, Motorsport and Tennis matches respectively. In reality, any of these beautiful games deserve a beautiful chauffeur car services and that is exactly what we provide for you.

Music Events: It’s a general belief that music is very good for the soul. Consequently, it’s not a surprise that many of our clients frequently request Chauffer services to music events located in London metropolis. Whatever music you cherish, be it a music concert, operatic music or ballet, our Chauffer are always there for you. We can even purchase a ticket for you.

Social Events: Want to have a fantastic night out to a night club or theatre? Then Dial a Executive Car services is able help you. With our exclusive theatre and nightclub chauffer services, you’re sure to gain access to the hottest clubs and theatres located right here in London. You don’t need to worry if you’re new to London and don’t know any clubs or theatres, for our team of advisers will definitely help you find the most suitable one for you. We can even go an extra mile by purchasing tickets for you to ensure your ultimate satisfaction.

Religious Events: We know the best place for clients to celebrate solemn religious activities such as Christmas and New Year eve celebrations.

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