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At Dial a Executive Car, ultimate customer satisfaction remains our top priority. Consequently, we have a diversified fleet of vehicles aimed at ensuring that all our customers’ individual specifications were fulfilled. All of our vehicles are fully licensed by London's Public Carriage Office (PCO).

Our drivers were subjected to all necessary medical tests as well as a CRB test, as a means of confirming their capability before being employed. Thus, the end result was the eventual recruitment of the best drivers, a feat that helps to ensure your safety.  You’re security is also assured as Dial a Executive Car services completes security checks from the appropriate security outfit. In order to ensure that your health is not jeopardised in any way, all our vehicles are always kept sparkling clean, fully air conditioned and of course, we maintain a non-smoking policy. All of our cars are wheelchair accessible.

The capacities of the various vehicles available in our fleet are shown below:

Standard Saloon Car: Our Standard Saloon Car also known as Sedan, can comfortably accommodate 4 passengers, 2 large and small luggage cases. Hence, if you’re a passenger that is travelling with just few luggage cases, this option is obviously the best for you.

Station Wagon (Estate Wagon): This has the ability to conveniently carry up to 4 passengers as well as 3-4 large cases. These cases can comfortably be put inside the boot. Our Station Wagon is specifically is suitable for clients that have very large suitcases.

MPV (People Carrier Van): This is the ideal transport solution for large groups of people travelling with large suitcases. It is particularly suitable for a large family, whose members are travelling together. It can comfortably carry up to 6-7 passengers. This is in addition to 5 large luggage cases that can be place in the boot.

Minibuses: At Dial a Executive Car, the Minibuses are the largest vehicle that is available in our fleet. It has the maximum capacity of 8 passengers, 8 large suitcases and 3 hand luggage cases.

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