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1). Whereas we’ll do everything within our capability to ensure the punctuality of our drivers, clients have to understand that we can’t be held responsible for any delay caused by you or airline operators.

2). Our drivers are completely bound to drive within British legal speed limit as well as to observe all the traffic rules stipulated by the Road Safety Authority.

3). You must make your online booking at least twenty-four hours before the time you require for the services. However, if you’re in need of an urgent service and want to book a vehicle with less than twenty-four hours notice, then you have to call our support team on +44 (0) 844-310-3909 for  special consideration.

4).Any extra mileage other than what was agreed on at the time of booking will attract an extra cost in line with our pricing policy.

5).We have the right to change your vehicle or chauffer at any point in time when necessary.

6).Clients will be held responsible for any damage they caused to any part of our vehicle. Consequently, they will be charged extra money that is equivalent to the amount required to repair such damages or replace the damaged vehicle part.

7).Supplying your email address to us, gives us the power to contact you via your email. However, note that your email address will never be shared with anyone else.

8).Even though our vehicles are fully insured for clients’ claim, our customers should however note that their luggage is stored completely at their own risk. Hence, we cannot be held responsible for any damage or loss to such properties. However, we’ll always ensure that lost property recovered is forwarded to our office for onward delivery to the appropriate owner.

9). We have the right to reject passengers thought to be under the influence of alcohol or drug, as well as those that pose threat to our company and other passengers. Also, smoking is NOT allowed.

10). Payment is by cash. It can also be made via credit card, but note that payment through credit card must be made at the point of booking.

11). If you’re unable to locate our driver at the Information Desk, you have to call our support team for direction and possible replacement.

12). Nothing contained in these terms and conditions can affect the Client's' statutory rights.

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